Madrid - Villaverde

Piso en venta en Calle de la Alegría de la Huerta, Los Ángeles


Down payment of 20.563

Save 367€ every month

Thanks to Smart Housing, every month you will use 367€ from the 1.254€ of your monthly payment to buy your house.


3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

Vendo piso reformado de tres dormitorios y dos baños (baño completo con plato de ducha y aseo ) para entrar a vivir, paredes lisas, aire acondicionado ( salón y habitación principal) encimera de piedra, terraza con cerramiento, calefacción central (unos 120€/ mes con consumo de agua incluido).

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Use your rent to buy your home.

Monthly fee*



Save 367€ each month

Down payment


7 Year Plan

Thanks to SmartHousing you will have saved 51.409.

Selling price of the property in 7 years: 257.044

*The renting price could be slightly decreased or increased

Amaia Pinedo


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Financial scoring


Financial scoring

We do a quick financial study to see if you can buy a home with us. Get in touch with us, don't be left out.

Choose your home


Choose your home

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Use your rent to buy your home


Use your rent to buy your home

Put down at least 7% of the property value, we buy the house for you and you move to your new home. From now on you will use the monthly rent to become the owner of your home.

Time to get your mortgage


Time to get your mortgage

Congratulations! In just 7 years you will have saved the 20% down payment you need to get your mortgage. We will guide you through the process, finding the best fit for you.