Are you thinking about selling your house?

We invented SmartHousing so you can focus on your life, not on selling your home.


Sell your house with SmartHousing

Access to more than 17,000 people who want to buy with us, and find a quick way out of your home.


We're flexible! You can continue to market your home through the traditional way. We are one more option that opens up a wide range of new buyers.


Thanks to SmartHousing you get to fix your price and therefore avoid price drops that may occur in the coming months due to the current market uncertainty.

Smart & Fast Sale

In less than 1 month you will have your SmartHouser buying your home. Too good to be true? Why don't you try it! ;)

You decide when to sell

We are flexible! We adapt to your needs, and we have several sales plans.


Are you thinking about selling your house?
We invented SmartHousing so you can focus on your life, not on selling your home.

Avoid the uncomfortable aggressive negotiations of today's market and lock in your price with us.

Contact our team so that you can receive a personalized proposal to sell your house.

At the end of the period you have chosen, your buyer will execute the purchase. If he/she does not buy, you will keep whatever he/she has contributed.

Do you want to sell your house now?

Our rent-to-own model adapts to all needs:

We accompany you during the process

Start investing in your future thanks to our rent-to-buy option.

1. We appraise your property

We offer personalized advice to set the best price and advertise your home in our marketplace. We take care of managing the visits and if you need it, we take the photographs.

2. Analysis of the potential buyer's credit score

We ensure solvent buyers, so that there will be no financial unforeseen events during the duration of the contract.


3. We work for success

We only make a profit if you make a profit. Our commission is completely based on success. Also, remember that this option is totally complementary to a direct sales marketing.

4. Always at your service

We keep in touch with you and the buyer until the purchase contract is executed. We will always accompany you.


Will you call us or should we call you?

What our clients are saying.

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Juan Diego Jimenez Lujan

“They have done a great job in selling my home, very fast and professional management. It is a perfect solution for owners who can defer the payment of their home. Highly recommended.”


Sell your house fast and forget about the problems


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